It is crazy to think we have been on this adventure for almost 7 months now. We have been willingly, obediently and prayerfully just trying to follow the Father in every step we have taken into the unknown. Doing our best to allow him to order our footsteps.

There have been great risks and very difficult situations that we knew were all to prepare us for what was next. There have been moments where we have risen to the occasion and some where we have definitely not…all of which we have learned from. We have learned so much and we have done our best to remain humble and teachable. We know we have so much more to learn.

We had been praying for open and closed doors (knowing the Lord could bring us anywhere) for quite some time. A door that opened was with Mountain Gateway Missions. For months we have prayed over this decision, and we finally applied right at the deadline. When we received a phone call from @Britthanc0ck , inviting us to come on board with @mountaingateway in January 2022, we knew it was the next chapter to this “extraordinary life” with each other and the Father, that He had to spoken years ago.

We will finish up our season here at Orchard Lake in Saluda, NC in November, giving us some time to see family before starting our 11 month journey with Mountain Gateway.We are excited, nervous, scared, confident, encouraged, and at peace with our decision, knowing this is what the Father has for us and there is great purpose to it.

We will spend from January 2022 to November 2022 with Mountain Gateway further exploring what true Holy Spirit lead discipleship looks like and how vital relationship is to that. We will also be living with a MG Missionary in Central America for a time to gain further context and understanding for foreign missions. We will pray, fast, study the Word, and learn to preach and prepare sermons. We will work with our hands using technical skills in order to learn to take care of ourselves and others in remote areas. As well as, backpack and live in the wilderness for 3 months learning the skills (personal development, leadership, wilderness skills, the art of living in community, and functioning as a team) we will need to persevere.

Knowing this partnership with Mountain Gateway Missions will be 11 months, as a family will be dependent upon your support both prayerfully and financially.

Here is what we need in order to go:
Prayer support.
-Missionaries who do not receive prayer support from the home-front are 73% more likely to fail. Prayer is way more important than we know!
-Would you commit to praying for us?

Financial support.
-So many missionaries are forced to leave the field because of finances. And even more are limited in their effectiveness to spread the Gospel because they do not have the resources they need to make a difference.
-Our family tuition is $14,000. We also need to raise money for living expenses throughout our training. All donations will be held in a locked account until our training begins.
-Would you commit to partnering with us to go through the Academy?

How to give:
1. Go to our profile on the team page of the Mountain Gateway website or click this link.
2. Donate the amount of your choice at the frequency of your choice.Never doubt that you are making a difference.If you do not feel comfortable giving online, you can give by cash or check.

All donations are tax deductible. We are so grateful for your support and look forward to sharing our adventure with you.